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The Everyday Blacksmith: Learn to forge 55 simple projects you'll use every day, with multiple variations for styles and finishes

With The Everyday Blacksmith, learn to make hooks, spoons, and tools of all sorts. This essential blacksmith's reference includes many projects contributed by leading blacksmiths from around the world, each featuring plenty of opportunity for variation.

For centuries, blacksmiths were the craftsmen and artists that worked society's most important material—iron. Blacksmiths were not only a fixture in their community, they helped shape that community through their particular method of making the hinges, hooks, brackets, and tools their neighbors used every day.

Blacksmithing today is enjoying a resurgence. Our modern society has discovered that no amount of technical perfection replaces the feeling of picking up a hand-forged object, knowing that it was shaped by an individual's creativity and physical effort.....

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The Home Blacksmith: Tools, Techniques, and 40 Practical Projects for the Home Blacksmith

  • The perfect first book for beginner blacksmiths!
    40 complete projects for chisels, punches, drawer pulls, candle holders, gate latches, hoof picks, and more
  • Step-by-step instructions and photographs help you follow along with every process
  • Over 500 photos illustrate every tool, project, and procedure in extremely useful detail
  • Learn the science of metalworking and understand the behavior of heated metal and how it moves
  • Set up your shop safely and economically, learn how to salvage steel, and learn about the essential tools you'll need.....
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The Complete Bladesmith: Forging Your Way to Perfection

Anyone who has ever searched for good custom blades knows that they are hard to find. Stop wasting time looking for that perfect blade and The Complete Bladesmith will show you how to take a bar of steel and forge it into the blade of your dreams.

This guide to smithing world-class blades is for the novice and experienced bladesmith alike. With this book you will be able to build your own forge, equip your workshop, choose your materials from the exotic to the mundane, and get to work.

You’ll jump at the chance to heat the steel, bending, twisting, folding, cutting, and stretching it. Finally, you’ll put the perfect grind on the new blade; fit the softest, hardest, or the most exotic wood to the grip; and slip your blade into your handmade sheath.

Whether you want a survival blade, commando dagger, broadsword, tanto, or just a trustworthy utility knife, it’s all here. Enter the custom-blade world with an edge!make your own!

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Knife Making: Bladesmithing 8-in-1 Mega Bundle

  • The most cost-effective method to make your first knife
  • The #1 high-performance steel you should use to make knives
  • The 10 step method to forge a pattern-welded Damascus sword
  • The only 4 tools you need to make your first knife
  • A simple technique, used by master bladesmiths, that will prevent your blade from shattering, even if it's your first time making a knife
  • The biggest heat treating mistake you could be making, that is ruining the quality of your blades
  • How to set up a good workshop, without breaking the bank with expensive machinery
  • How to forge, assemble, heat treat, and polish a Japanese sword
  • How to make an anvil out of a railroad track.....
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Intermediate Guide to Bladesmithing: Make Knives, Swords and Forge Damascus (Knife Making Mastery)

In this book you will discover:

  • The secrets of making a Damascus knife in just 9 steps
  • The most cost-effective way to make a knife
  • How you can make your first sword in just 17 steps, start to finish
  • 10 essential tools that you need to have when bladesmithing
  • A simple technique, used by master bladesmiths, that will prevent your blade from shattering
  • How to build a simple but effective forge
  • The #1 high-performance steel that you should use to make knives
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